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SAINTE ANNE SCHOOL – 26 rue du Calvaire 44410 ASSERAC

You make known to me the path of life”

(Psalm 16-11)

The Sainte Anne school opened its doors to its first students on 22 October 1910 … For more than 100 years, it has been an integral part of the town of Assérac and its inhabitants. Many showed their commitment to the school during the centennial celebrations!

It is one of the 253 schools of the diocese of the department of the Loire-Atlantique, but one that strives to be unique for those who are there, within the network of schools of Catholic education of the department of the Loire-Atlantique.

We want our school to be a place where knowledge is part of a larger project of educating the whole person, in a climate of trust and communication between all of the partners of the educational community: children, parents, teachers, staff, and parents’ associations …

This project is based on shared values:

  • Attention given to the construction of the student’s personal identity

  • Living together as best as possible

  • Daring to get involved

For each of these values, we have defined more specific objectives

broken down into concrete actions in students’ daily lives

all year long, at the Sainte Anne school…

A – Constructing a personal identity

“Building oneself requires time, patience, trust, and humility”


A person is what cannot be repeated twice”

Emmanuel MOUNIER

I am the links that I weave with others”

Albert Jacquard

  • Developing each individual’s personality, paying attention to all types of intelligence

Compiling an individual notebook of “success stories” over the course of the student’s scholarity

  • Acquiring knowledge and know-how

Differentiation in the classroom

  • Participating in the development of the student’s autonomy

Taking into consideration the needs and rhythm of each student, adptations to the education of students with disabilities

  • Living the school’s pastoral project. Living one’s catholic identity with respect and openness.

Starting in CE2, choice of catechesis or “Christian culture”.

B – Connecting with others

We live in a dormant world, but a ‘you’ murmurs in your ear and the ego awakens by the grace of a you. In this sense we can say that it is the encounter that creates us.”


  • Learning to live together

Multi-age workshops, exchanges with other classes, links with the town’s and parish’s associations

Exchanging practices, tools, skills among the different cycles in the school

  • Taking into account each person’s voice

Student’s assemblies (by cycle or school-wide), regulations between students and adults, decisions about life in the school in the parents’ associations, parent/teacher meetings, election of class representatives who will relay the students’ expectations to the municipality (youth council)

  • Putting in place the C.L.E. (Local Community of Establishments)

Exchanging practices, skills with the area’s network of elementary, middle and high schools

C – Opening up to the world

No one can educate if he despairs of the Other”

Alain Thomasset

  • Living a community dimension beyond the classroom

Discovering different environments, organisation of overnight trips, field trips

Invitation and meeting with the different actors of the year’s projects linked to the school’s 3-year educational project and awareness of differences

  • Propose areas for reflection to students and parents

Organising conferences, debates within the school

D – Committing to building the world

There is not man on one side and Nature on the other. There is Nature. To touch Nature is to reach Man. Respecting Nature is a perfectly humanistic attitude”

Nicolas HULOT

  • Committing to others: respect, empathy, listening, mutual support

Sharing times together, discussions on difficult subjects in catechesis or awakening to faith classes

  • Raise awareness amongst the students and the educational community of sustainable development

Sorting waste

  • Giving meaning to what they have learnt by collectively carrying out projects or actions.

Initiating, living and pursuing projects to the end

Participating as a parent in the life of the school:

Morning works, festivities, participating in the different parents’ associations…

The pastoral project can be found in the annex …


The Sainte Anne school is a Catholic institution, open to all, that wishes to:

  • Promote a fraternal atmosphere

  • Make student’s reflect about differences

  • Showcase the important events of Catholic life, with reference to the gospel

  • Provide a religious, Christian culture, drawing on biblical texts

  • Open children up to the world through sharing and support

1 – At school:

  • Special moments will be organised, in small groups, from CP to CM2, to better understand and live the gospel message

  • In CE2 students will be asked to choose between catechesis (Nathanaël) and “Christian culture” (Anne et Léo)

  • Students will live memorable experiences

  • Raising awareness about differences in the world through community projects, exchanges and meetings with different associations

2 – With the parish:

  • Celebrations with the other catechesis teams of the Saint Benoît parish will be proposed to the children signed up for catechesis throughout the year
  • End of the year festivity, Festicaté, where all of the students can unite to reflect, sing, play and celebrate together

  • Link with the pastoral animator for those that would like to prepare their first communion